MENAA Logo Designed by Alaz Ozbirinci
MENAA Logo Designed by Alaz Ozbirinci 

What does MENAA mean?

MENAA (Middle Eastern and North African Association) seeks to harness the collective experiences of  MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) communities as well as people and cultures influenced by those communities.  We are an inclusive association of faculty, staff, administrators, and students who have come together with the intent to make our important demographic more visible in the United States. 

MENA communities reflect diverse religious, linguistic, cultural, geographic, historical, and political experiences, yet they share common cultural values and traditions.  We invite everyone who has interest and/or roots in MENA as well as places where MENA communities have influenced existing/indigenous cultures to consider joining our growing community at SRJC.  


What is our purpose?

MENAA was founded in 2022 at SRJC to create a welcoming and supportive environment for MENA students, faculty, staff, administrators, and their allies. 

Our mission includes raising awareness on campus about our group, building community at SRJC, and providing educational and cultural programs that celebrate the connections as well as the differences within and beyond the vast and vibrant MENA regions.


Contact MENAA:

For those who identify as MENA and/or are interested in this group and want to connect with MENAA, please reach out to the co-chairs:

Dr. Heidi Saleh and/or Zehra Sonkaynar